More on "Convenient Untruths"

Global warming denialists have continued to try to make a big thing out of this U.K. court case about “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The Daily Kos has an article about the plaintiff in the lawsuit as well as many links about the case. There is also a link to Al Gore’s response.





  1. jimbob Avatar

    There is rich irony in the connection to “Tony Blair’s former secretary” being involved in this. Like the irony in almost all of George Bush’s people being from the energy, mining, and especially oil companies. Politics and business affecting science is positively Orwellian. The scary part is people are growing used to it. Although this article is mostly positive on the judge’s ruling, they gloss over the fact that there must be a “caveat” presented before or after showing the video. Those types of things never happened before in education. Look what has happened to the presentation of evolution in the schools!


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