Here is the story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide. By Corey Hatch.

Elk from Grand Teton National Park where there is no general elk hunt migrate out of the Park early and seek refuge at the southern end of the National Elk Refuge near small city of Jackson. Most elk on the refuge do not summer in Grand Teton National Park and come down from the adjacent mountains later and are subject to the elk hunt.

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2 Responses to Elk are duping Jackson Hole hunters. Study confirms how wily Grand Teton elk survive.

  1. mikarooni says:

    Animals are much smarter and “conscious” if you will than humans think, which is why, although I eat meat and sure don’t baby my livestock, I try to treat them with at least as much respect as I have gotten in my life. Everything is designed to either be quick or painless or not stressful and preferably all three because they know more and sense more than most people would believe.

  2. mikarooni— have you read Temple Grandin’s book titled
    “Animals in Translation” ? I think you would enjoy reading this book. There was a documentary made about her that i saw a year or two ago. Very interesting.


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