Buffalo spirit rite in Yellowstone Tuesday

Buffalo spirit rite in Yellowstone Tuesday. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

The big bison slaughter has offended many Native Americans.






  1. Cindy Avatar

    Ralph – After your comment about watching the line of Bison the other day, quite possibly walking to their death, my heart wept. I’m getting tired of feeling so helpless. I wanted to get up and see the folks at BFC all winter and just couldn’t swing it. I knew I had to go to the ceremony on Tuesday. Looks like it maybe time to start on a Bison Meditation Card. I will take each of you that can not make it, with me – promise.
    Let’s not forget the Western Governor’s Conference here in
    Jackson in June. Some clever (and of course respectful)presence might be in order. I had to stop on the side of the road this morning to wait for the Dick Cheney Black SUV caravan pass by and it took everything in me just to sit tight. I closed my eyes and prayed for November to get here – fast.

  2. dbaileyhill Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your feelings. It’s the feeling of being helpless that makes it even more heartbreaking. It is frustrating that something so obviously wrong can continue in a country so “advanced”.
    Have a safe trip.

  3. bozemanactivist Avatar

    Some of our Bozeman group plan to be there as well. I plan to take pictures (if it’s okay) and write about it.

    It’s been a rough week for sure. But, we have to find ways to do more. The more we can figure out how to act and show solidarity with groups such as BFC, the better off we are. There’s plenty we can do with small groups of people.

  4. Cindy Avatar

    I have to believe that the beautiful and special bison which have been mass murdered this winter are going to be released
    tomorrow into a shimmering golden light of forever. A place where bison, wolf, bear, badger, marten, eagle, fox and even beloved squirrel are actually equal to cow.
    Love and Light Always…

  5. dbaileyhill Avatar

    The ceremony/ritual part: it cannot be photoed or video taped, etc. I know that for sure. As for writing about it– as in describing what is done to release the bison spirits –I do not know if that is permitted. BFC knows the do’s and don’ts. An email to them would clarify the details.

  6. bozemanactivist Avatar

    Thanks – very helpful info.

    I’ll have plenty to write about without writing about the actual ceremony (will talk with BFC about it and will err on the side of not saying anything about the ceremony itself). I’m deeply looking forward to the ceremony.

  7. Elli Avatar

    We might be oceans apart here in Germany, but our hearts and prayers will be with the buffalo at the ceremony.


  8. vicki Avatar

    My heart will be with you all today. I wish you a safe trip, and will hope for a brighter future for the bison, and all the lost animals wasted by our governement.


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