I am posting this news because the winter of 2007-8 has been colder than normal in the United States, and once again some people are confusing the weather with climate, and in an irritatingly parochial way confusing the United States with the world.

Low temperatures and heavy snow in the United States and Europe were more than offset by high temperatures in Asia. The area of snow coverage in North America and Europe was the most extensive on record. Nevertheless, warm temperatures in March in Europe led to rapid snow melt. In Europe snow coverage for March was the lowest on record — the change was extreme.

In the United States, “Only Rhode Island, New Mexico and Arizona were warmer than average, while near-average temperatures occurred in 39 other states. The monthly temperature for Alaska was the 17th warmest on record, with an average temperature 3.8°F above the 1971-2000 mean.”

Global Land Temperature Warmest On Record In March 2008. Science Daily.

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3 Responses to March 2008 sets global land temperature for Earth

  1. Nathan Hobbs says:

    Ohh but this winter here in the west with above average snow pack levels is proof that global warming is nothing more than a scam by Al Gore isnt it?

    thanks for bringing this to light, the ignorance of raising temperatures by the American political scene and population concerns me. Wether one buys into Antropogenic causes or not, the truth is this world is getting warmer we need to start working on ways to mitigate and adapt to the effects

  2. JEFF E says:

    and meanwhile the % of normal precipitation for the last180 days (or this winter) for the~95% of the western United States is only 50-75% with the other 5 percent at or only slightly more than normal.

  3. JB says:

    Nathan said: “Wether one buys into Antropogenic causes or not, the truth is this world is getting warmer we need to start working on ways to mitigate and adapt to the effects…”

    I couldn’t agree more. All of this talk about to what extent global warming is human-caused is simply distracting us from the real issue–the earth IS getting warmer, the question is what will we do about it?!



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~ Edward Abbey