Gov. Schweitzer urges conservation groups on against that "row of vultures."

Schweitzer, however, doesn’t promise any explicit help-

The “vultures” are the corporate lobbyists, according to the governor, but he says that his involvement could “complicate things.”

AP story on conservation group priorities, the governor, Republicans and corporate lobbyists.





  1. Salle Avatar

    “In most cases, we are going to play the cards as we go forward,” the governor told them. “Our strategy is to just let things unfold.”

    Ummm, what ever happened to “leardship”?

  2. Buffaloed Avatar

    Don’t stand up for anything Brian! It’s your job as a western Democrat.

  3. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    Hey ya’ll

    Brian’s standing up for all kinds of things, primarily, his political career. Why should anyone expect anything different?

    I wish we could afford to put an ad in the New York Times discussing what a wonderful “leader” Brian has been on conservation issues.



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