2008 grizzly bear mortality in NCDE

Not a bad year for grizzlies in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem, unlike the Greater Yellowstone-

Thirteen grizzlies were known to have died, eleven were human caused. Is it significant that the grizzly in the NCDE is still listed as a “threatened species” and the Greater Yellowstone population has been delisted?

Graphical display of 2008 NCDE grizzly mortality. (pdf file)





  1. Chuck Parker Avatar
    Chuck Parker

    Yellowstone mortality includes both known and unknown/probable deaths. If I recall, the formula used is that for every known death, there are two unknown. The NCDE does not include unknown/probable deaths. The chart on p.6 that shows mortality for 28 years (1980-2008) “does not include uncertain mortalities.

    Given the low number of bears killed in defense of life and property, the IGBC should spend less time and money trying to convince hunters to buy bear spray, and more time on the important issues.


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