North Fork Flathead plight in U.N. spotlight

Coal mining threat from Canada just north of Glacier NP is becoming an international issue-

I made a trip to the mine proposed area (and even worse coal bed methane wells) in British Columbia last summer. What a horrible place to do this! Other than the local fish and wildlife (and there is a lot), all the damage will be in Montana as the toxins flow over the border.

North Fork Flathead plight in U.N. spotlight. By Chris Peterson. Hungry Horse News.

Photo I took last summer. Headwaters of North Fork Flathead about a mile downstream from giant coal mine proposal






  1. Alan Gregory Avatar

    This is horrible. To look at what Big Coal has done and continues to do) to the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky, take a look at

  2. Mike Avatar

    Ralph – I spend time up on the Northfork every year. It’s a beautiful area and for this plan to go forward would be sad indeed. But we have seen what BC thinks of “conservation”.

    It really is a very unique area in the lower 48. Low elevation, but “in the forest” with a very large and pure river.

  3. Virginia Avatar

    We were just in the process of planning a trip up to Glacier and up into Canada to see the glaciers one more time before they are all melted. I guess we had better do it soon before the whole area is destroyed!

  4. Ryland Nelson Avatar

    Follow the efforts to save waterton glacier


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