All “the action” was at Horse Butte west of the Park-

They were going to let 25 of what I sarcastically called “cyberbison” use the CUT (Church Universal and Triumphant)  land north of Yellowstone Park, but there was no northward migration this winter.

Ranch land for bison sees no activity first year. By Daniel Person. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

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5 Responses to Ranch north of Yellowstone meant for migrating bison goes unused this winter

  1. Ken Cole says:

    I bet they still got paid by groups like Defenders and National Wildlife Federation.

  2. buffalorunner says:

    Doesn’t it seem crazy that bison are not allowed to access land owned by private citizens on Horse Butte, where there are no cattle anymore, are welcomed all year, at NO COST to any NGO or government agency???!! Yet, $$3.3 million is being paid to allow only 25-100 bison on a few acres for limited time period. And, yet bison were not allowed at the CUT ranch this season either. No matter what solution we come up with to allow winter range for wild bison, the livestock industry and their partner agencies are going to resist any efforts.

  3. Well, it’s even worse than this … because the buffalo did start moving north but were hazed over and over again in Gardiner and the park because it was after April 15.

    So, how bogus is this? I doubt you could count the ways.

  4. It’s too bad this isn’t straight forward as the Bush Minerals Minagement Office making oil company people perform sex acts for oil leases.

    Maybe the national media would get a little bit interested.

  5. paulWTAMU says:

    Ralph: link that story? O.o



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