Some company wants to put hydropower on Quake Lake!

Looks like the agency and groups are jumping off the wall. Good!

Story about this idiot proposal. By Jessica Mayrer. Bozeman Chronicle staff writer



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  1. Nathan Avatar

    This proposal with a 3,800 foot long cement pipe sounds very similar to the hydro electric structures on the Malad river. such an eyesore to that incredibly unique canyon.

  2. jdubya Avatar

    Well there could be one silver lining to this idea.

    When the lake was formed from the slide, it made the water exit over the top of the dam. The problem is that the water going over the dam is the warmest water in the lake (as opposed to colder water that most dams release from the bottom or sides of the dam) which means the river below the dam is hotter in the summer than it should be. This heating has been suggested by some to be responsible for the decline of the fishery below the dam (although I like to fish that reach and can’t complain about the fish I catch).

    So the idea has been floated to figure out a siphon approach that could take water from lower in the lake and use this as the release water for the river below. This would keep the temp of the river in the summer within its past historical range.

    So while this idea may suck for a multitude of reasons, it might actually be of benefit to the river itself.

  3. MontanaSlowElk Avatar

    excellent point, especially considering the gigantic solar collector known as ennis lake. the madi could use some cold water in summer.

    didnt they plan on burying everything? as long as they put screens on the pipe so they dont chop up a bunch of fish, i dont really see a problem with it. could be a way for us to get a free fish ladder installed on the dam.

  4. Ryan Avatar

    Clean power, with no new dam and from the sounds of it benefit to the river and a some enviromental disturbance. Sounds a lot better than a wind farm IMHO.

  5. Sevillafishforlife Avatar

    I think it’s a great idea. It’s not like the slide area isn’t an eyesore already. A non intrusive hydro project taking advantage of this clean energy is not a bad thing. Low to no fish kills and a possible fish latter. It would be an

    Fish on man!


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