Utah and Nevada agree on Snake Valley water accord

Critics say it will result in dust storms on Utah’s Wasatch Front-

The plan to drain water out of the desert on Utah/Nevada border and pipe it south to fuel urban sprawl around Las Vegas has been made public.

Proposed Utah, Nevada water accord could clear the way for Snake Valley pipeline. Water sharing » Draft calls for monitoring of groundwater withdrawals, delays pipeline decision until 2019.  By Patty Henetz. The Salt Lake Tribune.

From the other day in this blog. Nevada Water Authority shaken by growing push-back to their effort to drain groundwater from under the Nevada desert.



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  1. June Castagno Avatar
    June Castagno

    What is the worth of a person??? One person goes missing and countless aid in time and money goes into finding the lost. How much went into finding Elizabeth Smart? And what about the search in water for the known dead? On and on; yet, we can risk the people in Snake Valley and who knows how much farther to give the bigger person some aid. I agree that we should try and help Vegas. I’m sorry for their plight. But, we must try and live our own lives with a very important commodity (water). And, how did Vegas get into the condition they are in? Really, did they have their eyes closed when they went there. Anyone should be able to see that it is a desert and dry sandy deserts are that way because of a lack of water. How can such a thing be done?
    To me it looks like the whole Native American scene over again. People work and care for something that they think is theirs. Then someone stronger takes it. In this case it is so sad because it is MONEY that talks. PLEASE WAKE UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

  2. jdubya Avatar

    I never know where to put things that are new and don’t have easy categories.

    Anyway, this is exciting news! I wish it would pass.



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