Snake Valley water deal could kill Utahns, state's top docs warn



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  1. kt Avatar


    THIS part is quite alarming.

    “Utah already is plagued with particulate soot pollution. But the UMA letter points out that dust storms out of Nevada would carry millions of tons of toxic substances, including mercury, an asbestoslike substance called erionite, radioactive particles left from 900 nuclear tests conducted in Nevada and fungus spores that cause valley fever, a potentially lethal infection spreading across the desert Southwest”.

    You gotta love those radiactive particels from 900 nuclear tests.

    AND they did not mention that dust exacerbates climate change/global warming effects by landing on top of snow, being dark, absorbing heat, and promoting even earlier snowmelt …

    HOW many cow pathogens, anthrax spores from the sheep grazing glory days, etc. are in these desert Basins, one wonders?

    Plus another thing that may not have been considered: PART of what Ely BLM in particular (which is the epicenter of the SNWA water heist) is up to is burning, Tebuthiuroning and otherwise killing pinyon and juniper so that the dastardly trees do not suck up any of that water that should be headed to the Vegas Strip. Burned watersheds will only add to the dust woes. I actually should have said burned andcow and sheep trampled and manured watersheds – as Las Vegas (SNWA – Pat Mulroy) now hold the public lands grazing permits, and are grazing the public lands with their select c’boys on the very areas they want to de-water.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    Glad you are alarmed. It is hard to get folks interested in this, not just on this blog, but I imagine in Utah because it’s like where “where the hell is Snake Valley, and why does draining some water from under a desert matter?”


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