Nevada threatened Utah on Snake Valley

. . . and Utah officials had no backbone-

This gets more and more disgusting the longer the story goes on.

Today’s article in the Salt Lake Tribune has a handy sidebar with links to past articles.

Did Utah blink in Snake Valley talks? Water » New documents show Beehive State’s position changed after Nevada’s threats. By Patty Henetz. The Salt Lake Tribune

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Don’t forget to read this High Country News feature as background. Silenced Springs? Great Basin waters face threats big and small. By J. Madeleine Nash. High Country News.



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  1. Rob Avatar

    Both headlines are true. Utah was bullied by the powers that be in Las Vegas. Also, Utah leaders had no backbone. I grew up in the area that is going to lose the water. I really feel bad for the ranchers. How much more growth are we going to allow in Southern Nevada? The answer to that all depends on how much water they can get and by taking this water from Utah they are really stretching. Next might be a pump and desalinizer so they can use water from the Great Salt Lake. It truly is sad what has happened.

  2. monty Avatar

    The “human growth holocaust” will not be slowed down in the near future. All environmental problems are beset by the “Four Jackasses of the apocalypse” arrogance, apathy, greed & igorance!


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