Another grizzly found clawless

Poached bear found on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of the Rocky Mountain Front-

Another grizzly found clawless. By Karl Puckett. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer

Just for reference. This bear was part of the Northern Continental Divide ecosystem grizzly bear population, the largest grizzly population in the lower 48 states (more bears than greater Yellowstone).






  1. Doug Avatar

    Sigh. Slightly hesitant to start this conversation due to some of the hostile/unleanred opinions regarding tribal government and sovereignty. Seeing as how the Blackfoot Reservation occupies such an important place in the Crown of the Continent ecosystem, how is the Blackfeet tribe doing in protecting wildlife? I’m not as interested in other tribes, simply because the Blackfeet have a unique responsibility, and opportunity I might add, to protect a full, robust suite of wild animals; wolves, grizzlies, etc. The fact that this is a prime place where grizzlies come down onto the plains makes this job even harder. Thoughts or insight on how the Blackfeet have done or are doing? And what are some opportunities to improve Blackfeet wildlife protection and economic and partnership opportunities for them to do so? What about a National Grizzly Range working collaboratively with the Blackfeet and the Feds. I know, I know, the horror stories of the National Bison Range are well-documented, but this seems like a unique opportunity to protect the prairie grizzly and other animals in a setting that is not a patchwork of different jurisdictions. (I’d also be curious to know how much ranching and white leasing of land takes place on the reservation) It really saddens me to see grizzlies killed like this. I’ve heard and seen some examples of the Blackfeet being good wildlife stewards, but heard some to the contrary on this site. Thoughts??? It’s a snow day so my mind is restless here in Colorado!

  2. mikepost Avatar

    Do the Native americans have some exemptions to the Lacy Act? I may be wrong but I seem to recall seeing jewelry with bear claws available for sale in public places.

  3. bob jackson Avatar
    bob jackson

    The only way I know of to get any dysfunctional and persecuted peoples, to support as a group, any thing such as predator …. or in this case, Griz., is to promote the likeness and similar situation the two are locked in. The griz are being annilated and so is their culture. There are lots of parallels and also a lot of when times were better…and free for both.
    But can an outsider be effective in saying so? I doubt it. Thus the Catch 22. So much dysfunction the problem can’t be seen.

  4. jdubya Avatar

    At least his guts weren’t cut open and his gall bladder missing.

    One of the real blessings of Viagra has been the loss of interest of herbal recipes, including such things as bear gall bladders, to get a nice strong woodie. If a little blue pill can do it, why pay more for something that is grossly inferior for medicinal performance.

    Now if we could only convince people that wearing grizz claws is not a sacred rite that ensures worthiness….

  5. bob jackson Avatar
    bob jackson


    Try some old fashioned bison meat (not the feed lotted type) from a mature animal. The indians always said it gave them more power than any other meat and this applied to more than lifting rocks over their heads. 6-7 hours after a good steak and this very fast acting protein turns to testosterone. No Viagra needed for those old farts in the buffalo calling ceremonies.

    And as a side lite, couples having already given up trying to have kids are 3 for 3 with our bison meat. All within two weeks of chowing down.

  6. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    Such a terrible waste. I sure hope they throw the book at however did this.

  7. Kropotkin_man Avatar

    With all due respect (and woodies aside) is it known whether or not this crime was committed by an Indian?

    Many of the points raised are worthy of discussion. But does the evidence support bringing them up?

  8. Dawn Avatar

    WTF excuse my language just claws, that is insane but the dollar will always talk more

  9. nabeki Avatar

    More death and sad endings for the great bear. It seems there is so much poaching going on here in Northwest Montana. Our griz aren’t safe anywhere.

  10. Jules Avatar

    I am from N.Z. and am so happy I cam across your page recently. So much information here on Wolves and other Wildlife, which I am very interested in. I am curious as to what it is that the Bear Claws would be used for? I am aware that poaching is a problem all over the world and it saddens me when I hear such stories.

  11. Jules Avatar

    P.S….I thankyou for your post on the “History of the Greater Yellowstone wolf restoration”! Such an interesting and informative read. Such beautiful and misunderstood animals they are.

  12. jdubya Avatar

    Bob, just where do I find this “invigorating” meat to feed on?

  13. bob jackson Avatar
    bob jackson


    We ship all over the make periodic meat runs to differnt parts of the country. My son just delivered to Denver and points beyond to Phoenix. 3 weeks ago we were in Wyo. and Montana. Next week it is Chicago.

    Native Americans reserved the mature animals (a body can’t concentrate nutrients while growing) for higher energy needs and we follow this knowledge when we provide for mixed martial arts and weight lifing enthusiasts also.

    One customer, a 54 year old Golds Gym regular, had stabilized for a couple years on a squat machine at 600#. Within 2 1/2 months he was at 900. Another, a 22 yr. old black belt MMA heavy weight, went from 12 chin ups to 20 in 3 weeks.

    We provide for middle age trades men also that can’t keep up with dry walling etc. without the energy it gives.

    Of course the catch 22 with all grazers, such as buffalo, elk or cattle, has been most mature animals, whether wild or not, have been made dysfunctional by either hunting seasons or by dividing out and raising by sex and age. Thus stress, lactic acid and cortisol build up.

    What is relevant to this thread? If animals are thought of as being important nutritionally for all ages of those animals and can be raised within stress free family groups…. then the way public and ranch lands are grazed becomes a lot more ecologically compatable and sustainable. It gets a lot closer to what was here Pre Whiteman.

    Our email is We have an e mailable brochure and other info such as inventory on hand and taste test for each choice. Price per packaged pound (sell in quarters etc.) will probably run less than $5/#.


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