Republicans boycotted the committee vote, so the Democrats passed the bill without them, 10 to 1-

What the Democrats did is what you might expect, but in the past the Democrats have said, “Oh we need some bipartisanship,” when it is clear the minority at present wants nothing to do with bipartisanship.

I guess no one will be surprised by the one Democrat to vote against it — Montana’s nobleman senator Max Baucus.

So the climate bill will head to the floor of the Senate.

Senate Democrats advance climate bill without GOP. By Dina Cappiello. The Associated Press
New on Nov. 6.  Democrats Push Climate Bill Through Panel Without G.O.P. Debate. By John M. Broder. New York Times.

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16 Responses to Senate Democrats advance climate bill without GOP

  1. April Clauson says:

    Good for them, I am sick of “the other side” holding up everything. Heck Bush used to do what ever he wanted, even when voted down, he would pass it anyway. So I am glad to see us Dems getting some back bone in these important matters. Hope in the end it will be a good bill and pass!!!! Not enough protection for farmers? hell we pay them good money not to do anything on their land, we pay them good money if they do something on the land. We pay them money on sheep and cattle loss’s, what more of a hand out do they need? They should start being pro active and get some solar panels on the land, get some wind energy going, and put in rain wells….then maybe they could afford to take care of themselves, same with ranchers to!

  2. bambi says:

    Yeah lets put a cap on all the frivolous private jet use that the political system uses at tax payers expense too. In one stupid flight across the country our great leaders put more carbon emission into the atmosphere than any one of us in a lifetime of driving. I thought that plant life required CO2 to thrive. Maybe we should all quit breathing too. With all that bad gas that we expell it is killing our planet every day.

  3. Actually the “farmers” in question are all factory farms. It is very irritating, not just that their their massive emissions are not going to count, but that these emissions could be trapped and actually used to produce energy and other chemicals.

  4. bambi,

    It’s pretty clear you have never heard of the “carbon cycle” in ecology, and you know very little about carbon dioxide. Yes, it is absolutely essential for life, but like pretty much everything, it is the proper amount, not too much or too little, that is crucial.

  5. Virginia says:

    Once again, Montana’s senior senator working for his “constituents” – the factory farmers. Just like he worked for all of his constituents in trying to pass a health care bill that would benefit the health care industry. He is a disgrace.

  6. bambi says:

    One thing certain is I choose not to live in China for air quality purposes but given the cost of a climate bill I am certain that china will choose not to play along with the cap and tax that will only affect america and cost american jobs. China will continue at its industrial revolution so that we all can shop at lowes for the cheap chinese products. It is a no win for america IMHO.

  7. Elk275 says:


    ++Once again, Montana’s senior senator working for his “constituents” – the factory farmers. Just like he worked for all of his constituents in trying to pass a health care bill that would benefit the health care industry. He is a disgrace.++

    You may not like him but if he were to be replaced now, his replacement would many times what you dislike. How about another Conrad Burns or one with similar political thinking but smarter. (That wouldn’t be that hard)

    Max, due to his chairmanship of the finance committee was able to procure the funds to purchase hundreds of thousand acres of Plum Creek land which would have gone to the highest bidder. Becareful what you wish for.

  8. Virginia says:

    Elk275: Okay, I’ll give you a Conrad Burns and raise you over $1,000,00 in campaign contributions from agribusiness to Max Baucus, along with almost $5,000,000 in contributions (career) from the various health care and pharma industries. Just because Max might be a better choice than Conrad Burns doesn’t mean he has anyone’s best interest at heart other than that of Max Baucus. I guess he redeemed himself somewhat with the Plum Creek deal. I still believe Montana could find someone better. If you read Max’s biography, you will find that when he first ran for senate, he couldn’t even decide whether to run as a republican or as a democrat. He is a snake – sorry.

  9. Elk275 says:


    I have been gettin a bit conservative in the last few years on a few issues. Do you think that the state of Montana would elect someone more liberal than Max Baucus.
    I might be possible,but I doubt it. The again since state hood Montana has had only 4 terms of a Republican Senator or 24 years.

    I am afraid the lights would dim for the environment if he was replaced.

  10. JB says:


    It appears what has you upset is globalization, not the climate bill. IMHO, we shouldn’t model our political decisions after countries with less scruples than us; especially since there are so few of them. 😉 Climate legislation is not just the right thing to do, it is in EVERYONE’S best interest.

  11. bambi says:

    Legislating to have taxes imposed on us or raising prices on products produced to offset carbon emission is not going to clean the air. The industry that you penalize in america will gladly be refound in some other place as long as there is need for the product produced. This kind of legislation is Not in my best interest, it simply raises prices. It will likely benefit some self appointed “Green Industry” that kill california condors or manufacture solar panels that wipe out desert lizards. IMNSHO

  12. JB says:

    Ah, I see. You’re an ideologue. Good day, then.

  13. bambi says:


  14. Sal_N says:


    How does the Green Industry kill the CA Condors?

    I have not heard that CA condors are in the Tehachapi range or the 29/Palm springs area.

    Seen them in the Caliente range some years back and west of the grape-vine.

    But then I don’t go out of my normal routine to see them.

  15. bambi says:

    Sal, lets rephrase –maybe call it a turkey vulture, sage grouse, bald eagle or your bird of choice.

  16. Sal_N says:


    no problem, understood.
    Since I visit 29 palms quite often now, I just thought I could catch a glimpse.


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