Interior Board rejects all appeals to BLM travel plan in SW Montana

New rules governing use of vehicles on BLM land will now go into effect-

I’m not familiar with the details of vehicle use in this area, but it sounds like all sides appealed, although probably more on the off-roaders side.

Travel plans, once relatively non-controversial documents, have become major public land controversies almost everywhere in the last 15 or so years.

Interior Board of Land Appeals upholds travel plan in Butte area. By Nick Gevock. Montana Standard.



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  1. April clauson Avatar
    April clauson

    Sounds good to me, and I am a Jeeper, but I see the destruction done by other off roaders, ATV and shooter in AZ, and BLM will do nothing to stop it. No enforcement of any rules. The only thing they did was make a law that OHV have to have a permit that cost about 30.00 bucks I think. still no trail repairs, clean up, any enforcement. My Jeep club & other clubs yearly goes out to 4-5 different off road areas and does the clean up, BLM gives us 1 sheriff and 2 trash bins and some bags. that is it. BLM should close these places down, period.


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