British Columbia industrial development ban ends 36-year dispute over Flathead

Controversy began 1n 1974-

Well what a cause for celebration this is!  I can remember I was just starting to explore the wild country as a young man back in 1974 when Sage Creek Coal proposed a big coal mine on Cabin Creek, a tributary to the North Fork of the Flathead.  In 2008 I was standing in this incredible place and pondering how awful the giant coal pit and adjacent coalbed methane wells would be.  I never suspected the B.C. government would side with conservation on this.

B.C’s ban on industrial development in N. Fork Flathead ends a 36-year international struggle. By Michael Jamison. Missoulian.



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  1. Virginia Avatar

    It is frightening how close they came to losing that area to mining. I only wish we could get the opposing sides of other environmental issues to work together to make sure we preserve our wildlife/environmental heritage. I noticed in the story that when the people who wanted to fish the waters got involved, then things started to change. It is always the people who consume something in the environment who have the biggest say on what happens to these lands. We were at Waterton Lakes this summer and I remembered why I wanted to return to the area – it is truly spectacular and a treasure. I am happy the two countries have made the right decision together.

  2. grdnrmt Avatar

    A nice read to start my day…


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