Awful and unlikely “energy source”  might soon break ground in Eastern Utah-

Because of its tremendous environmental impacts and poor quality energy (little to no net energy is produced), I haven’t considered oil shale/tar sands mining much of an environmental threat in the desert of Utah. I suppose most others have felt the way.  As RL Miller says in his article below, a tar sands project has been “flying under the radar.”  Without more of a public uproar it will soon break ground near the national parks of Eastern Utah.

What an outrage!  This kind of thing needs to be killed dead and a stake driven through its heart. The tar sand mining in Alberta has been called the single most destructive energy project on the planet.

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Tar Sands Mining: Coming NOW to the United States. By RL Miller. Daily Kos.

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3 Responses to Tar sand mining is actually coming to Utah?

  1. Virginia says:

    The “politicians” in Utah are truly flying “under the radar.” How on earth do these people get elected? Do Utahans want to destroy one of the most beautiful states in the country? Really? And, let the Canadians do the dirty work. Do we just try to let Salazar know or is someone else in charge of this disgusting mess?

  2. Dean Malencik says:

    I feel the only course of action is to turn Utah into a cesspool with the hopes that it occurs fast enough so that other western states see and realize where they are headed. If a western state must be triaged let it be Utah. It might be the only way to possibly save the others

  3. JimT says:

    Even Utah doesn’t deserve the hell of tar sands; there are some good folks who come from there, like Terry Tempest Williams for one.

    They should talk to the folks in Alberta..they are deeply regretting the free for all atmosphere they encouraged and now has gotten out of hand, and has done tremendous damage to the environment for decades and decades to come.

    For good information on tar sands, check earlier posts of mine directing you to the Western Resource Advocates website.


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