USFWS arbitrarily failed to include vast acreage of lynx habitat as “critical habitat”

This is a very important decision for the future of the lynx, which had been added to ESA protection.

Molloy rules lynx plan arbitrarily excluded possible ‘critical habitat‘. By Michael Jamison. Missoulian.

This is the second go round on the size of the lynx habitat . Politics played a critical and unlawful role in keep the designation of habitat smaller than needed.

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4 Responses to Judge Molloy: FWS plan excluded possible lynx habitat

  1. Virginia says:

    This is great news! I attended the meeting in Cody addressing this issue and talked to a USFW person who told me he felt after bush left office, the habitat area would increase. It is disgraceful that something like this could be politicized! I wonder if the bush administration person who shrunk this habitat proposal to 10% of what was planned is still employed by the USFW. Thank you to Judge Molloy and keep on advocating for wildlife!

  2. JB says:


    Do you have a copy of this decision? If so, could you post it here?

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks Judge Molloy!


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