About the “boulder.” Story by Lauren Russell, Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

Update Sept. 4. Road closed due to damaged dam to open for Labor Day weekend. Bozeman Chronicle.

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5 Responses to School bus-sized boulder hits Madison Dam. Ennis Lake to be drained

  1. Jeff says:

    It would be nice to see a picture

  2. SAP says:

    Probably not going to “drain” Ennis Lake, but PPL is projecting a drop of about 9 feet.

    After the Hebgen hysteria here two years ago (Hebgen dam malfunctioned Labor Day weekend 2008), I expect rumors that the town of Ennis will be sucked into a whirlpool and carried off to the Gulf of Mexico.

  3. Tom Page says:

    The lake is so shallow that a 9′ drop will make some serious mudflats.

    I love the Beartrap Canyon below the dam…the only place I’ve ever seen mountain goats come down to the river to drink.

    I’ve always hoped this dam will go away some day.

  4. I have updated this story.


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