Grazing and slaughter threaten the viability of bison and other sensitive species-

The US Forest Service and the National Park Service are violating the law by not allowing bison the use of public lands. The grazing allotments provide the excuse the Montana Department of Livestock wants for their annual abuse of buffalo inside and outside of Yellowstone National Park.

Keep in mind, this issue has nothing to do with brucellosis, it is about political control of western lands and wildlife and about who gets to use the grass. It has always been about the noble landed elite showing the rest of us who is boss.

In the winter and spring of 2007-2008, the National Park Service “oversaw and carried out the slaughter of approximately 1,434 bison from (Yellowstone National Park), which represented approximately one third of the existing population of wild bison in the (Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem),” the group wrote in their complaint. “Such management, and ongoing commitment of NPS resources, severely restricts wild bison migrations, impacts their natural behaviors, maintains bison populations at artificially low numbers and negatively influences the evolutionary potential of bison as a wildlife species in the ecosystem.”

Hearing over hazing set for Tuesday.
Eve Byron – Helena Independent Record

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4 Responses to Hearing on bison hazing set for Tuesday

  1. Taylor says:

    Thank you for writing this. I hope that someday the bison will be allowed to live some semblance of a normal life again. Unfortunately, at this point, I believe the capitalist ranchers have too much to lose with their investments in an inferior food source that is much less healthy for human consumption and much less healthy for the local environment.

  2. Virginia says:

    For what it is worth (not much), I wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to pay attention to this issue and stop the DOL from this terrible harassment and destruction of our last native wild buffalo herd. I am anxious to see what happens now that more attention is being paid (I hope) to what these knotheads in Montana have done to “protect” their non-native cattle.

  3. Dawn Rehill says:

    Sharing this on facebook, hopefully people will get involved .


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