Wildlife use of Highway 93 crossing tunnels increases

Wildlife teach their young about tunnels under U.S. 93 on the Flathead Reservation-

Cameras show wildlife use Highway 93 North overpass and tunnel. By Vince Devlin. Missoulian

Not the first time we have posted a story on these tunnels, but their use keeps growing.






  1. Mike Avatar


    I took great joy in seeing these wonderful tunnels this summer. They put a smile on my face. I also like how the fencing funneled the animals to the proper crossing area. Also, I believe one of the crossings I saw was a bridge.

    This is the human race evolving in a positive direction. This is the right thing to do. Such an awesome area too.

    I was driving between Missoula and Glacier, and also spending time at the Bison Range.

    Missoula is a heck of a town.

  2. timz Avatar

    They just finished one of these on my route to work where about 80 elk and dear are killed each winter. Hope it really cuts that number down.


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