Judge upholds ban on motorized travel in Badger-Two Medicine roadless area

Motorbikes, ATV interests rebuffed for large roadless area between Glacier N.P. and Bob Marshall Wildlerness-

Judge upholds ban on motorized travel in Badger-Two Med. By Karl Puckett.  Great Falls  Tribune Staff Writer.

I’ve only been there twice, and just into it a little way.  My impression is that it isn’t quite as rugged as the country to the north (Glacier N.P.) and the Great Bear and Bob Marshall Wildernesses to the south. It is very much full of wildlife.

The oil and gas industry has lusted after it for a long time. It has religious significance to the Blackfeet Nation (an issue in this failed lawsuit).






  1. Nancy Avatar

    Spent the last 8 years in late May, up above the Gibson Reservoir, where the north and south forks of the Sun River met. You can hike or ride in – no motorized vehicles allowed. As it should be, in what’s left of wilderness areas.

    Watched an XTERRA bike race recently on the tube (the more challenging the area, the better, think it was in Utah) and realized….. they really could give a sh-t about the landscape they were in, it was all about the competition and the finish. Cameras everywhere for the event and not one racer took the time to take in the landscape or the effect they may have had on the local wildlife.

    Get the same negative feeling when it comes to ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.

    1. mikarooni Avatar

      That’s a very good point, “they really could give a sh-t about the landscape they were in…” This fact is also one of my pet peeves about so many so-called “outdoor” sports, including, as you point out, “ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.” You’re absolutely right; not one of these bipolar manic creeps even takes “time to take in the landscape or the effect they may have had on” downright anything. Letting this trash use wilderness areas or Yellowstone is a total waste; they could just as easily be in an indoor area in Chicago for all the difference it really makes to them. They’re out for the bragging rights of saying they did such and such in this or that impressive place; the place really doesn’t matter past that. Like some of my high-toned acquaintances, they brag about having been here or there in Europe or Asia, but have no idea what it was they saw or anything about the place… just stickers on their luggage and nothing more for them.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    I do know where the Sun River and Gibson Res. are. That is a beautiful place.

    I think I saw some of the same motorbike race in Utah. I was sitting in a sports bar, and I didn’t see the details.

    We quit spending much time in southern Utah 15 years ago, mostly because of the off-roaders everywhere (except for in their smallish national parks).

  3. Mike Avatar

    It’s not about the landscape for these people and the ambiance. It’s all about them, all the time.

    The Badger Two Medicine is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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