If wolves are de-listed, Balyeat wants spring hunt

Right wing radical Montana state legislator wants to kill wolves during denning season-

Here’s the story. If wolves are de-listed, Balyeat wants spring hunt. Bozeman Chronicle.

About Balyeat . . . when this glassy-eyed extremist first showed up in the wolf news, I knew there was an element of the anti-wolf folks that had another agenda. Wolves were just a way of leading people down a path of ideological blindness.

Project Vote Smart. Senator Joe Balyeat (MT). More from Vote Smart.

The guy has a long time record of religious nuttery. Montana Profile. Joe Balyeat. Church, State & the Ayatollah






  1. Immer Treue Avatar
    Immer Treue

    Is this what they are most concerned about?

    “But a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks official said the bill could give Montana hunters a bad name by raising the prospect that wolf pups could be orphaned or killed.”

    Again, I am pro-hunting, but this compulsion of some to just kill is growing increasingly mind addling. Bad name?

  2. Daniel Berg Avatar
    Daniel Berg

    His religion is listed as “Christian Reformed”.

    My father was raised in a Dutch Reformed household. He has always said the strictness of that church pushed him away from religion. The Christian Reformed church was created when a bunch of people felt the Dutch Reformed church wasn’t strict enough back in the mid 1800’s.

    I dated a gal who had a lot of Dutch relatives living west of Bozeman, outside of Manhatten somewhere. When out there on a trip one time I went to a Christian Reformed service with her grandmother. They were preaching all kinds of hellfire and damnation that day. At one point even rock music was criticized as being evil. This was in 2004.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      You probably know better than me, but I have read that Balyeat supports the Christian Identity movement, which might sound fairly mundane, but in truth would establish a completely different government and society (to me about as welcome as the Taliban).

      Here is some info. There are many other sources too, so folks don’t have to take it from me.

  3. william huard Avatar
    william huard

    Balyeat and the visionaries in the Montana legislature are exactly why Montana does not deserve to manage wildlife. You can bet Mont dept of fish and parks and the people that work there that really do care about wildlife are embarrassed for these tards. Balyeat fires up the toothless wonder and rockhead and the other mental defectives that hate wolves. Hemming posts the same nonsense three times as if it’s not painful enough to read it once. He should take a big swig of whatever he’s drinking before he posts to stop the shakes enough to post properly

    1. jon Avatar

      They keep saying that wolf reintroduction was illegal and based on scientific fraud. They also believe there was some deal made to have only 100 wolves per state. I guess if you say something long enough, some people will believe it. I’m sure most of us on here have seen these claims being made constantly by the anti-wolf nuts, but where is the proof? Anyone can make accusation after accusation and claim after claim, but sooner or later, if you want the opposition to shut up, provide some kind of real proof to back your claims that proves wolf reintroduction was based on scientific fraud and it was illegal and that there was a deal made that only 100 wolves would be allowed in these 3 states. So far, I’ve seen nothing, but accusation adfter accusation and claim after claim. They got nothing and they know this. They think by saying something over and over again, that is going to eventually make people believe them.

    2. Phil Avatar

      william: Not only that, but this action further proves that the overall purpose of the Montana plan, along with Idaho and Wyoming (in my opinion), is not to manage or even slightly decrease the wolf population, but to severly reduce it to eventually be non-existent. To have a hunt during denning season would drastically alter the breeding of pups, and pups are the future generations that would solidify the (a) population.

  4. jon Avatar

    This guy used to be the director of the MSSA. The same organization that Montana nut Gary Marbut belongs to.

    1. jon Avatar

      My mistake, it looks like Balyeat still is the present director of the MSSA.

  5. Elk275 Avatar

    If one google’s Joe Balyeat there is a many articles about him.

    Here is a link from the Montana Human Rights Network. I have seen him and heard him speak at Fish and Game meetings. He is a person who I never care to meet or ever have any business dealings with.


  6. Elk275 Avatar

    “there are a number articles about him>”

  7. jon Avatar

    Speaking of the Montana human rights net work, here is an article from a month ago.


    “t read: “There was no opposition to HB 278 (well, the tinkerbell from the Montana Human Rights Network was there for comic relief but he was unable to articulate anything that got any traction).”

    Greer’s second reaction was to briefly change his Twitter profile image to one of Tinkerbell.

    “I guess if Gary Marbut is calling me a ‘tinkerbell’ in his e-mail blasts for opposing his bills, I’m doing something right,” he tweeted.

    It took a little longer for him to get mad.

    “It goes to this weird assumption that real Montanans are manly men,” he said Monday. “And because I’m standing up for equality and feminist issues and human rights issues that I’m somehow less of a man and, frankly, less of a Montanan and shouldn’t be taken seriously when we’re debating serious issues that are impacting people’s lives.”

    1. jon Avatar

      “less of a Montanan and shouldn’t be taken seriously when we’re debating serious issues that are impacting people’s lives.”

      Kinda reminds you of the wolf issue. Montanans don’t like out of staters who live in their state or out of it adding their 2 cents on the wolf issue.

      1. Immer Treue Avatar
        Immer Treue


        an opinion piece that offers your comment some support


  8. Izabela Hadd Avatar
    Izabela Hadd

    Looks like it is too late. Salazar and some groups including GYC and DOW and others agreed on rotten deal to delist in Idaho and Montana.


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