The biggest gas drilling plan yet for Green River Basin

Encana could add 3,500 gas wells SW of Pinedale, WY-

Already reeling from the massive Jonah gas field, now a new field covering 4 times as much area is planned.  The “Normally Pressured Lance” natural gas field” (Son of Jonah, as some call it) comes at a time when the formerly pristine air of the Green River Basin has wintertime air so dirty it violates the standards.

Encana project could add 3,500 gas wells in Wyo. Mead Gruver, Associated Press

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management needs to asked how new drilling of this huge magnitude can be done until the agency can be sure the residents are being protected from the activities that are already underway.

The Wyoming Outdoor Council has a story on the project too (and a map). Agency needs to protect the residents of the Upper Green River Valley. By Bruce Pendery


  1. TC Avatar

    One of the most important posts on this page, and no comments. Dozens of comments about killing a black bear in its den (a non-issue with regard to wildlife conservation, but certainly an animal rights/fluffy bunny story with lots of emotion). This drilling FURTHER threatens critical winter range and some migration corridors for a variety of wildlife species, human health, air and water quality, and a host of other issues, and nothing… Sheesh.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      Yes. I have always had a hard time getting much interest up about what is happening to SW Wyoming and the upper Green.

      1. Nancy Avatar

        What’s happening in this part of the west can be overwhelming at times. So many stupid things going on when it comes to the enviornment, wildlife, etc.

        TC & Ralph, you’re right and thanks for drawing my attention to an issue that frankly I didn’t even see posted.

        Sent my concerns in an email to BLM/Public Comment regarding the Green River Basin, hope a few others on here will do the same……….


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