Park County, Montana judge issues a temporary restraining order to prevent bison from roaming Gardiner Basin

This means trouble for the bison just released from the pens on the north boundary of Yellowstone Park. I see they are still playing the brucellosis card and the new Old West favorite, We’re scared of the animals!!

Park County judge halts bison changes. AP

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7 Responses to Local judge stifles free roaming bison reforms

  1. Jeff N. says:

    What is it with unwanted wildlife (bison & wolves) and school bus stops? Why do only the unwanted wildlife congrgate at school bus stops? I wonder if prairie dogs frequent school bus stops as well. This is a phenomena that needs to be thoroughly researched.

    Leave it to these chickenshit male adults to scapegoat kids. What a bunch of pansies.

    • Maska says:

      If I were leading wildlife tourism trips, I’d set up camp opposite a school bus stop. One could almost guarantee the clients would see wolves, bison, grizz, etc. 🙂

      • Jeff N. says:


        Good point. I believe you are a resident of the southwest, as am I. I suggest we start a business venture for viewing mexican gray wolves. We can take tourists to school bus stops in the town of Alpine, AZ; as well as the following towns in NM – Reserve, Luna, Alma, and Glenwood. I guarantee numerous lobo sightings when school is in session and we would have the summer off when the kids are on break.

      • william huard says:

        Weren’t those bison and wolves whispering to each other at the bus stops? Geez, they must be planning a conspiracy against the stockgrowers…….maybe they will spread e granulosis, which is an exotic strain of brucellosis with just a hint of wolf disease

    • ProWolf in WY says:

      I agree Jeff, why do buffalo and wolves congregate at bus stops? Do we need to make bus stops strong enough so buffalo can’t gore them? So if you go to Africa do hunting dogs and Cape buffalo congregate at bus stops as well? Maska, I would also set up camp near school bus stops. I also find it interesting how these animals descend onto towns as well.

  2. Nancy says:

    +”Large numbers of bison now regularly congregate at school bus stops and other locations, interacting with children, elderly, and other individuals that live in the area to a degree not previously encountered,” the county’s complaint says+

    Maybe its time for a study on school bus stops? I drive by quite a few. The kids have either driven to the bus stop (hence the vehicles left at the end of so many country roads) or are sitting there with parents, waiting for the bus.

    For those that actually have to walk those few hundred yards from home (and can’t drive or have parents drive them) to the bus stop, it may be cheaper in the long run, to hire armed escorts, instead of throwing money at WS and P & R, YGTBKMH etc.) to kill wolves, buffalo etc. to keep those bus stops safe…….:)


    At least the Park County Prosecutor won’t let politics influence his decisions to prosecute or not the shooter(s) of bison in the Gardiner area last month.


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