Is this a portent of things to come this summer?

The wind-driven fire was on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation that follows the east boundary of Glacier National Park up the the Canadian border. There is no snow this winter in this normally wickedly cold place.

Story in the Great Falls Tribune. By David Murray.

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3 Responses to Winter wildfires burn 18,000 acres of dried out grass and brush east of Glacier National Park

  1. Kayla says:

    Interesting! Hope the Rockies get some really needed snow!

    In Northern Utah have heard that some of the ski areas there are not even open and much of the area is severely below normal in its snowfall.

    And the way it looks like here in JH, just a little snow on the ground with the high probability of an early spring. But more snow in the high country. Guess it looks and seems worse since last winter was record snow. Hope we don’t have the summer and early fall fires also.

  2. Savebears says:

    Right now as I write this, we have a flurry going on, but we have no snow! I am really hoping shit hits the fan, cause it does not bode well for this summer.

  3. Mike says:

    Please stop buying SUV’s, folks.


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