Supervisors of Lolo, Clearwater national forests oppose big rigs on Highway 12

This is a significant move of new support against the use of the highway to move giant tar sands modules-

Supervisors of Lolo, Clearwater national forests oppose big rigs on Highway 12. AP in the Missoulian.

Highway 12 winds along between these two national forests.

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Other recent news about the Highway 12 controversy-

Proposed industrial route through scenic Idaho raises alarm.
“Residents say a two-lane highway along the Clearwater River is no place for oversize oil-field equipment headed for Canada.”
September 15, 2010. By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times


  1. Cody Coyote Avatar
    Cody Coyote

    Since climate change has opened the Arctic Ocean sea lanes now, maybe these giant South Korean tankards could be shipped up thru the Bering Strait and past Canada’s newest beachfront property at Baffin island , etc, to the port at Churchill on Hudson Bay and sent overland across a thousand miles of swamp from there.

    Makes about as much sense. The sea-land travel distance is about the same as the Columbia River barge offloading at Lewiston for downtown Missoula , Choteau , and beyond. Aaarrrggghhh… this way Canada can carry the whole burden of this preposterousness on its own territory.

    If this is another example of the true cost of extracting oil from the Fort McMurray tar sands, we should seriously reconsider…. O Canada.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    See my post today on the effect of tar sand mining water pollution on northern Alberta fish downstream.


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Ralph Maughan